The unique executive event dedicated to connectivity and satellite communications in Latin America
May 15-16, 2018 / Mexico City

Jaime Dickinson

VP, Americas


United States of America

Jaime Dickinson, NCI CEO and SpeedCast VP for Latin America

As NCI CEO and SpeedCast VP for Latin America, Jaime Dickinson oversees operations and drives the company’s vision and strategic partnership efforts for Latin America. Under his direction, NCI has established two world-class teleports in Miami and Lima, Peru, opened full-service offices in Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Africa and the U.S., and has emerged as a leading force in the global telecommunications marketplace.

Jaime, named Executive of the Year by the World Teleport Association for his leadership in leveraging the latest advances in communications technology to improve lives in developing regions throughout Latin America, first entered the telecommunications industry in the early 1990s. He got his start building Vannamei, a satellite equipment distribution company, and was instrumental in the launch of sister companies, Publicom and Networldtron, which offered installation and Internet services and provided Vannamei’s customers with a one-stop communications solution.