The unique executive event dedicated to connectivity and satellite communications in Latin America
May 15-16, 2018 / Mexico City

Wang Min

Deputy Chief Engineer, ITS


People's Republic of China

Wang Min, Professor, Vice President of ITS, CAST. He is the Spacecraft Academic Technology Leader of CASC and the National Youth Program Young top-notch talent.

He has engaged in telecommunication satellite system design and research for 16 years, and he has been responsible for the telecommunication satellite design and development of DFH-4 Series Bus.

He takes the responsibilities of new generation GEO platform development of China. As the program leader, he is responsible for the pre-research of DFH-4Y Platform, DFH-4E Platform (DFH-4 Enhanced), and DFH-4SP Platform (All Electric Propulsion GEO Platform). As the deputy chief designer, he is responsible for the research and development of DFH-3B and DFH-5 Platform (Ultra-large GEO Platform). He also takes responsibilities of research and development of Laosat-1 and CHINASAT-16 telecommunication satellite.

On the other side, he is responsible for the technical research of electric propulsion engineering applications and completes the research of project named “Application Technology of Long Life and High Reliability Electric Propulsion Engineering”. He won the Nation Science and Technology Progress Award, Nation Science and Technology Invention Award, 14th China Youth Science and Technology Award, and also published more than 20 papers, obtained up to 21 national patents.